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BEAM Iridium Active Antenna (RST740)


RST740 Iridium Active Antenna is a small, omni-directional antenna with a high quality enclosure. It is designed to work on Iridium BEAM docks and terminals where long RF cables are needed. This product is designed for use with active cables only. It allows for cable runs ranging from 23m to more than 100m (328 feet). It comes complete with a power supply [15V DC output].

NOTE: Combining an Active Antenna with Standard Cables will damage the Antenna.


[table type=”table-striped”]

Active Antenna Cable Loss 11.5 – 13.5dB (total end to end loss)
DC RMS Standby Power Draw 0.32W
DC RMS Power Draw 3.2W
DC Peak Power Draw 30W
Input Voltage 9 – 36 VDC
Frequency 1616MHz – 1626.5 MHz
Environmental Specifications
Extreme rain exposure 37 mm/10 min; 145 mm/24 h
Extreme snow exposure 3,0kN/m2
Wind 35 m/s
Temperature -25°C to +55°C
Physical Specifications
Outer Box Dimensions 260 W x 210 D x 170 H
10.24 W x 8.27 D x 6.69 H
Box Weight 2.22 kg 4.89 lbs